We are thrilled to have social media celebrity, Sunglass Cat, not only on our advisory board, but as part of the Pupscout’s do-good team.SunglassCat

Cats don’t usually wear sunglasses. Bagel, more commonly known as Sunglass Cat, is not your usual feline. Born without eyelids, she’s a special needs animal who wears bejeweled sunglasses (think of them as fancy protective goggles) and travels the world with her caretaker Karen in an effort to change what it means to be a normal cat.

Bagel loves the outdoors and is not content to waste the day staring at birds by the window. She has graced the red carpet, attended cat meet-ups on both coasts and has even made a special appearance on NY City Public Transit.

With a social media reach of over 50K, this feline friend helps spread our message. We have fun things in the works for her!

For more information, read her Meow Quarterly interview!