BeaR and I see Unicorn horns everywhere!

Curiosity drove us to Google them.  The ancient Greeks wrote about them.  The Bible referenced them.  An ancient civilization that lived where Pakistan and northwest India are today sealed clay tablets with emblems picturing them.

Here’s what you need:

    1. Small piece of horn fabric
    2. Sewing machine (or needle and thread)
    3. Straight pins
    4. Fabric scissors
    5. Paintbrush
    6. Glue gun
    7. Fiberfill batting (small amount)
    8. Felt pieces
    9. Fusible web
    10. Fabric stiffener (if needed)
    11. Metallic thread and needle
    12. Flowers
    13. Ribbon
    14. Iron



The horn is the central element, so pick your fabric wisely. We chose pink lame, because pink is the national color of D.O.G., and because it glistens.  After the fact, we can say that it wasn’t the best choice. It’s too soft. A horn to pierce the heart of a lie needs to be pure, magical and strong.  We made our pink lame horn work by applying fabric stiffener. But starting with a stiffer fabric is a better choice. You can even get creative and make a paper horn, a styrofoam horn, or even a candy corn. the artist within and go wild.

Make your pattern:

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half. 
  2. Draw a long triangle, where the folded edge and the cut edge are the same length.
  3. We made the bottom length of triangle 2.5”.



Make your horn:

  1. Fold your fabric in half. Pin your pattern to the fold. Cut along the outside edge.
  2. Stitch and turn.
  3. Stuff.  Begin with a small piece of stuffing to fill the point, then add more.  Leave the bottom inch of horn unstuffed.
  4. Fold the lower edges over the bottom of the stuffing and stitch in place.



Add the Spirals:

  1. Thread a needle with the metallic thread.
  2. Insert it through the point and tie the thread in a knot.  Trim the thread tail.
  3. Spiral the thread around the horn. Every time it crosses the seam, secure it in place with a stitch, tightening the thread.  When you reach the bottom of the horn, secure the thread with a knot.
  4. If needed, paint your horn with fabric stiffener. You might need to add several coats.
  5. Let it dry.


Make the base:

  1. Fuse 2 pieces of felt together with the fusible web.
  2. Draw a circle on the felt the size of your base.
  3. Cut out the circle.
  4. Pin ribbon ties to the underside of the brim and stitch them in place.


Attach the horn and Flowers

  1. Apply a large glob of glue on the center of the base where the horn will sit.
  2. Place the horn on the glue.
  3. Apply large globs of glue on the base where the flowers will sit.
  4. Place the flowers on the glue.

You’re Done!

Wear it with the strength and love of a unicorn.

Until next time! Happy crafting.


Woofie and BeaR