There’s nothing better in the morning than walkies with mom, and we like best to go naked.

But each day it gets colder, and pretty soon we’ll get that beastly sow.  What does a small dog with a need for fashion-cuteness to do?  We’ve got the answer:  Dog Scarves!

The scarf is a simple no-sew item.  CLICK HERE for the Kitty Caps.  We made them a few months ago in pink to celebrate Woman’s Equality Day.

Here’s what you need:

    1. Fleece fabric
    2. Fabric scissors
    3. Ruler / yard stick
    4. Chalk
    5. A few straight pins

Cut out your scarf:

  1.  Using a ruler / yardstick mark the length and with of the finished scarf on your fabric. 


You want the length of the scarf to run along the stretchier direction of the fleece, which is the width.  The good thing with that is you don’t need to buy much fabric.   The reason for this:  it is less bulky around the neck and drapes nicer.

We made ours 8” x 30”.  The size depends on the size of your dog’s neck.  If you’re unsure, cut it bigger than you want.  You can then try it on your dog and cut it smaller if you need to.

     2. Cut along the chalk / marker lines.


Cut the Fringe:

  1. Mark where the fringe will stop. We made our fringe 7” long.



       2. Pin the two sides together just beyond the chalk like.

       3. Cut strips approximately 1/2” wide. You can draw chalk likes or cut freehand.   

Make your Kitty Cap:

Go to for the directions.



You’re Done!

Wear it and stay stylishly warm.

Until next time! Stay warm, and happy crafting.