It’s the hat that covered the heads of the millions who took part in the global woman’s movement in November of 2016, all wearing hand-made, knitted caps, awash in a sea of pink.  

This week is Women’s Equality Day, so we decided to show you how to make your own.


There’s simple sewing in this one. It’s easiest done by machine, but hand sewing will work too.  We made hats in pink, but you can make it in any color.

Are you ready?

Here’s what you need:

    1. 1/4 yard soft minky fleece with 3mm pile (big dogs need more)
    2. Coordinating satin ribbon
    3. Needle and thread
    4. Straight pins
    5. Fabric scissors
    6. Elastic
    7. Your pattern


Make your Pattern

You can scale it from this picture or DM me on Instagram @LolaandPooch and I will send you a PDF of the pattern we used. This is half of the hat, to be placed on the fold of the fabric.


Cut Out Your Hat

  1. Fold your minky fleece in half.
  2. Pin your pattern to the fabric along the fold.
  3. Cut along three edges of the pattern.


Sew the Sides

  1. Fold the hat in half with the right sides together, then stitch along the two side seams. We gave 3/8” seam allowance because minky fabric is thick and fluffy so 1/4” is hard to measure. If you hand stitch, Use a double thread and make your stitches no longer than 1/8”.
  2. Turn, so the seam allowances are on the inside.  Use your scissors to push into the point, defining it.

Finish the Bottom Edge

  1. Fold the bottom up 1.25” and pin in place. 
  2. Measure the length of elastic you need by holding it up to your dog, adding 1.5” to each side.
  3. Pin the elastic along the side seams (perpendicular to bottom edge), extending 1/2” beyond the folded-up edge. We like hats to fit both BeaR and me, so we pinned tiny d-rings to one side and a length of elastic to the other.
  4. Stitch 1” from edge, making sure to stitch over the elastic.  (which should extend 1/2” beyond this stitch line) If you hand stitch, make sure to give the elastic extra stitches so it’s secure.

The Bow

    1. Tie a pretty bow.
    2. Find the center between the two top corners of the hat. Fold that to meet the stitch line (1” from bottom edge).
    3. Pin in place.


  1. Secure this pinned point with a few hand stitches: push the needle up through the wrong side, catch all layers then sending the needle back through to the wrong side.
  2. Stitch the bow on top of those stitches.

You’re finished!


See you next time! Happy crafting.


Woofie and BeaR