We’re a week into semi isolation.  How are you holding up?

I’m good, I think. I stocked up. Laughed at the nation’s toilet paper obsession, cursed out the administration for waiting so long to act. All I really want to do is play dumb games on my phone. Time-sucking wastes will kill you! Take this time to enrich yourself. I bought an online course. Started it. Stopped. Back to the phone games––am I losing your mind? I wonder what everyone else is doing…


Mark created this socially relevant work of art.

IlGattoNero made a dedicated study of his own tail.

The Titmouse family learned new tricks.

Rocky developed a strong empathy for others.


Mugi Jo struggled with the desire to go out.

The Flippist made me SMILE!!!

Day three and David was ready to explode.


By day five, Mystalope’s brother in law got creative.

My day 6––I watched it over and over and over…

Then I watched Miami sing.

My frenzied boredom found its footing.

I remember a story. I don’t know if it’s true, but it dramatizes the best way to get through situations that leave you feeling helplessly out of control.

It’s a story about the bombing of pearl harbor, where planes came out of the sun in dive bomber chain formation. The men helplessly watches as ships were split in the center with soldiers scrambling off the decks and into the water. Caught off guard and defenseless, with washtubs of potatoes near by, the crew of one ship picked up those potatoes and threw them at the bombers. After the war, those men had less psychological problems then those who did nothing. Because they did something. That’s the key to surviving this. To surviving anything. Do something. Don’t wait. Don’t watch. Don’t bitch. Act. Even if it’s just to throw potatoes.