I love dressing Little Lola Sunshine.

Her Mom, Caron, has such a delightful sense of fashion, and she loves taking this talented trick dog to all the runway shows, dressed in dog interpretations of the designer creations. Lola dazzles the crowd with her street stlying and her puppy kisses.

Caron always takes Lola to Andrew GN’s show, so we always do something to honor his work.

This year we fell in love with the colors and with the rich Chinese influence in the print. First I designed fabric that would mimic the things we loved, and be the right scale for our six pound diva. Lola’s perky young style requires a sassy playful look, so we chose a design from his collection that best suited that.

Our interpretation of Andrew GN.  

Feathers had us on cloud nine since our marabou chubbies from the previous season, and we loved what Saint Laurent did with them.

But how do you translate that into dog styling? How do you scale down Feathers? Well, you don’t. God made them as he made them and that’s that. We wanted to frame her face, and the only way to do that was to drop the neckline. I am in love with these dropped necklines on dogs. It gives them such a grand quality. And glistening sequin lace compliments the airyness of the feathers.

Caron gets the bulk of the credit for Chanel.

Boy does she know what her Little Lola Loves. Caron picked out the style, bought the flowers and the fabric.  Mason de Woof made the hat. I fashioned the dress.  The entire look charmed all of Paris.


The French department store, Printemps, featured Little Lola Sunshine in their Year of the Dog, campaign.

Of course Lola needed a chamseong! And how lucky was it to find frogs scaled down to Lola’s petite size.  I found the perfect fabric and painted the frogs to match.


We made a few other items and some French basics. Of the designer series, these were the biggest hits. What’s next? We’ll have to wait and see! Something exciting, I’m sure. Caron and Little Lola Sunshine always find themselves at the center of what’s happening. I’m just glad my creations get to go along for the ride.