Pupscout’s Fundraising Event

The Beverly Hills Pupscouts raised $1,050 for Wings of Rescue.

We decided to capitalize on our adorable cuteness and become “flying dogs”. First, we earned our sewing badge, making red petticoats and wings for our uniforms. Then we earned our fundraising badge by setting up a Dog Kissing booth, first at Healthy Spot Pet Boutique in West Hollywood, where we filmed a segment for a delightful pet lifestyle show, HOW MY PET LIVES, then at the Santa Monica Pet expo. Finally we earned our rescue badge by participating in the Wings of Rescue fly-out.

It began on Friday morning ( November 20, 2015) when we arrived at the Van Nuys Airport. No matter what problems you have beating you down, when you see this many passionate people unified and saving this many lives, it is intoxicating. I’m convinced it is the same feeling that our forefathers felt when they came to America; the same feeling when you watch a person win an Olympic medal. Your heart fills with so much love. There is no better feeling in the universe than feeling your heart so full that the love starts to fall out of your eyes.

Coco Puffz and Leo manned the donation table while the rest of us were on sticker duty. People made $50 donations and they got a Wings of Rescue pin, and they got their name on a sticker that we put on a crate. Rosie’s Barkery donated doggie cookies. We made sure that the planes had on-board treats on hand for their doggie passengers.

All told, 1600 dogs were flown from our high-kill shelters to rescues and no-kill shelters in areas that don’t have a lot of dogs for adoption and therefore have kennel space. Wings of Rescue has become a hub of information between high-kill and no-kill shelters, so they’re constantly making lists of which places have animals, which places have room. This was the holiday fly-out, but they have freedom flights all year long.

FOX filmed the fly-out for their Thanksgiving day special, “The All-star Rescue Dog Celebration” a heartwarming show honoring rescue heroes from all across the country. We were lucky enough to be invited to the filming of the show the next day. At one point 45 Bulldogs graced the stage. When Dogs on Deployment were honored (an organization that fosters the pets of servicemen and women when they are deployed) servicemen and women filled the stage. And all of the famous dogs of Instagram were there.

The show ended with a grand procession of the last two hundred dogs taking their freedom flight as they walked from the stage to the plane they would fly off on.

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