Twice a year I empty the closets and sell off all of the items that either didn’t make it on the line or were made for a photoshoot. This year I made it an auction.

There’s good reason for that.  I do it on Facebook, and there’s no way to schedule the posts.  It takes hours to post everything, and that means people start buying before the sale is supposed to start.  So it’s an auction.  Here are the rules:

  1. The Auction has begun. All the available items are posted, although I’m still uploading the descriptions, sizes and starting bids.  It’s on Facebook in a public group:
  2. Auction ends June 9 @12 noon.
  3. Postage will be figured on the weight of all chosen items, to your address by USPS.
  4. PM me your Venmo or Paypal address By June 11, and payment must be made 24 hours after invoicing.
  5. All items will be mailed by the 16th.

That’s it!  Most items are for small dogs, but there are a few larger items.  I’m heading to Atlanta on the 18th for a trunk show at Unexpected Pooch and to plan Woofie & Lucy’s wedding! So if you’re in ATL, come hang out!