Elegance… what is it?

Some say it’s beauty that never fades. Others think of it as the manifestation of an independent mind. I see it as simplicity carried to an extreme: a statement, an attitude, not solely defined by what you wear, but by how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read…. and what you inspire others to think, speak and read.  Here’s what the dictionary says:

These fashion pieces fulfill all of those meanings.


Our favorite:  the iconic black and white horizontal stripe top. Skinny stripes, wider stripes, it depends on the size of the dog. Sailors wear them, as do School kids, the French, preppy people. This fashion icon brings so many characters to mind. It’s a must-have for every stylish  pup, cat and piggy.

     1. Meet @itsDougthePug.

With 3.8 million followers, he’s clearly the king of pop culture. I found him posted under the hashtag #dogsinstripes–––a photo from 2015.  He’s still wearing the look, revised in a multitude of varieties. This dog knows how to reflect who he is through what he wears, and to photograph it into a complete story.  Perhaps that’s why he has 3.8 million followers.

     2. Frankie the iggy whippet knows just what looks good on him.

The long turtle neck, and sleeves along with the simple stripe works so well with his lean & graceful physique.

     3. Gizzy posted this twinning photo back in 2016.

She’s still wearing it! Check out her page.  She combines it with a cute red puffer vest.  But we chose the twinning picture, to point out how easy it is to twin with stripes, because humans love them too.


I first heard of leg warmers for dogs several years ago when a friend asked me to make set for her greyhound rescue’s arthritic legs.  Since then they’ve become a popular pet fashion accessory. Besides looking adorable, they keep your dog’s legs warm, keep snow from collecting on the fur, and they can be worn to protect hot spots and bandages.

      1. Meet Chelsea and Lisa, two fashionista pups and guides to Toronto hotspots.

While this photo demonstrates the versatile nature of the black and white stripe top, I posted it here for the leg-warmers.  When you’ve got the legs to do it, this fun and functional fashion accessory is a playful way to add whimsically playful charm.

    2.  We found Shiba Bell, a coconut girl from Hawaii, in these cute pink leg warmers and matching hat.

You don’t need to clutter it up with anything more.  The dog’s natural charm shines through. We love her silver fur and the yearning in her eyes.

     3.  Meet Little Macie the Cavalier.

This cute pup, living her best life in Brooklyn, NY, chose leg-warmers for her morning workout.


The chill in the air sends us inside, and nothing beats enjoying the cozy warmth that cute pajamas.

     1. Christmas Jammies!

Meet Penny, a Malteagle Weenie hailing from NYC.  We love the people matching pet PJ thing, specially for the holidays.  Penny is the boss, and her human knows it.

     2. Frenchies look adorable in PJ onesies.

Griffin’s sister, Haru, doesn’t disappoint.  These two pups are more personality that fashion–––and that’s how it should be.

     3. Meet Ruby of Stan and Ruby.

These two labs know how to enjoy life, taking you places you’ve never been.  Check out their page.

Upcoming hashtags

I’m seeing a few things worth highlighting in the future.  If you’re doing it, share it under the hashtag!

  • #dogbows — I really love big ones, around the neck, on the head.  Playful, whimsical, proud.
  • #dogsinhoodies — an iconic fashion piece.
  • #cheristmasdogs — ‘Tis the season… how do you see it?
  • #dogBirthdayhats — Every dog celebrates at least one a year. How do you celebrate?
  • #Dogteepees — these are fun.  I want to do a doggie DIY and make one at some point.
  • #dogsinpuffercoats — I absolutley LOVE these, whether they’re coats, onesies or vests.
  • #dogsinpearls — That’s my next Doggie DIY. Pearls are the epitome of elegance, on both humans and dogs.  You can’t wear too many… 🙂

Thanks for reading!