Today, as a good couch potatriot, I decided to spend a few hours scrolling my instagram feed for smiles.

By that I mean looking for posts that make me smile.  And I found a lot. The narrowing down process was difficult.  But I narrowed it down to one thing.


Really, when it comes down to it, personality is the vision and vibe behind all good fashion. Clothes are just clothes on the hanger. It’s when you put them on that they find life. We’re about to enter (when this virus thing ends) a new era, one we will rebuild from scratch. And we all need to be prepared to be our freest and most just selves. That takes bravery and courage. Start dressing without judgement to build your courage muscles. That way you’ll be up for journey when your country calls.

These dogs do personality with grit, pride and sheer brilliance.

Meet Bogie.

This little dude has 33k followers, and no wonder.  He’s got a full life, with a girlfriend, dreams, desires, complaints, big adventures, AND he’s generous! Look what he wrote to the Easter Bunny on his Easter post:

Okay, he’s a pug, so he’s naturally cute. But there’s more to life than looks alone. Just like when we choose human friends, it’s the personality that hooks us.  And Bogie’s personality is as wide as Wyoming.  Scroll through his feed and read his thoughts. He’s funny, sweet, and wise, but not afraid to call out his human…

And of course the little dude leads the style parade, especially on #MatchyMonday. I’m partial to twinning, but who’s not when it’s done like this?


Joey & Cindy play dressup ALL THE TIME!

I love these two seniors. Joey’s a boy who loves dresses.  Cindy, a relatively new addition to the family, has her heart set on owning the title, America’s Best Flop Model.  They make me want to start singing the theme song to The Patty Duke Show.

They’re true Glamazons. This one’s from Joey’s days before Cindy got adopted. The mere thought that this dog needs to avoid the puperazzi cracks me up. Then this video makes you believe they’re right there on his trail. Talk about the power of imagination!

Joey’s a natural born clown. And you can see it in his joyous fashion sense.

This series of shots put their personalities on vivid display.

I love their generosity. It’s so much easier to be your big self when you give more than you take.  These two seniors give back in every way.


Meet Gunner the  Jack

I found Gunner today, so I don’t know him as well––yet. His #TOT photo got me. His fashion sense tells you exactly who he is, a cute little man who loves life.

He hosts parties with his friends.

He Travels. And he’s got great hats.

Did these posh pups make you smile?

I hope so. Maybe they even made you think. This search did that for me. It looks to me like fashion is the best personality builder out there.  I remember, as an actress, one of the things I loved when building a character was to play with shoes and hats, gloves… clothes, accessories, keepsakes, all of it.  It fed me in a way that was magical, as I was able to transform into someone other than me.  Or was it all just a facet of me? Maybe we all are a little bit of everything, as long as we give ourselves permission to try it on.