Hi friends,
On Saturday Night I went to the bridge. If you see a heart shaped cloud in the sky, that’s me, saying I love you. It’s been a crazy year and the world needs more love, so that’s my new job. I went because the disease in my body was too much for me to share or even remember joy. Once you forget joy, are you even really alive? Mom did her best to remind me, but disease wanted me more. I passed in my sleep. When mom found me, she picked me up and I flopped over her hands like a flimsy water balloon. All energy, all power was gone.

That morning Mom knew it was the end. I woke up panting and continued panting all day. All my defenses were gone. I let mom take me in her arms, something I’d not allowed for months. I locked eyes with her and she sang me little songs. Then she called the animal hospital to set things up. She laid me on a pillow and told me to go to sleep while she went outside to prepare for the planting of a cherry tree, to be planted in my memory. Mom loves cherries ? and she loves me so it was a perfect tribute. I liked her plan and I wanted to be there always, so I laid down and closed my eyes, preparing for the next adventure.

Don’t be sad for me, celebrate my life. I am energy, and energy can’t be created or destroyed, just transformed. I transformed into pure love, sprinkling on a healing world. Signing off for the last time. Please show BeaR lots of love. He’s sweet and not as worldly as me. And he’s struggling with me being gone.

xoxo Woofie ?