Got a feeling 2020’s gonna be a good year.

Enjoy Woofie’s rendition of the Who’s song, 1920, from the rock opera, Tommy.

A new decade has begun, and we plan to make it a good one.  My only resolution is to make lots of friends and meet them as we travel across the country, combining our social media with live events. Listed below are the towns we are going to.  If you live near one of them, message me! Besides the fashion show, we will be planning photo shoots (shopping trips, drinks and dinner, a slumber party at a local doh-friendly hotel…) promoting dogs that live like people. I would also like to do a charity event where Pupscouts unite with a local Girl Scout troop. We don’t have a troop per say, more of a charitable vibe, continuing the motion of what I started with my Beverly Hills troop. I will provide uniforms for the 5-10 dogs who take part in it.

The eight dates…

(Philadelphia is a tentative date in the fall, not listed here.)


September 5th
Atlanta July 25
Miami Swim July 18
Chicago Oct 10
Boston April 18
Detroit May 23
Los Angeles March 28
St Louis August 15


We look forward to meeting as many pet friends as we can!