We celebrated today.

It’s a little late, but it was nice. The family came over. We had ham, scalloped potatoes, salad and quiche. The boys wore their elf outfits and had fun being adored by our niece and nephew. We hope the nightmare is over.

Last Saturday my mom had trouble catching her breath. We took her to the ER.  As we approached, she began slurring her words.  She became confused and unsteady on her feet. They thought she might be having a stroke, so they rushed her right in to see the doctor.

Turns out the sodium level in her blood was dangerously low and this effects your brain in a big way. She experienced a cross between acting drunk and having a severe case of Alzheimer’s. They admitted her to the ICU where the balancing of the blood began. I had no idea salt could effect you this way. My moms level was 122.  it’s supposed t be 135-145. If it gets down to 118 you can have seizures of end up in a coma.  You can’t raise it too fast or it can kill you, and while it’s being balanced out, the mental craziness continues.  It gets worse at night.  It’s not fun at all.

Over the next 6 days Mom went from ICU, to the floor, back to ICU, back to the floor, then finally out the door.

The mental issues were trying. I’ve hardly slept. My patience has been stretched to tears.  My instagram page looks dead. This blog has been starved.  I’ve not even logged into facebook. And the muslins I draped last week still hang on the dress form, waiting to come alive in real fabric.  But now mom is home and, fingers crossed, this is mostly behind us. There will will be outpatient monitoring. And right now my mom is still awake and acting a little crazy. In the hospital she hat nights where she didn’t sleep at all. We’re hoping that’s not the picture for tonight.