This week we’re part country and part rock ’n roll. Which one is more you? Here is how to make both!

Buy your supplies

    1. 1” Black Velvet Ribbon
    2. Rhinestone Jewels
    3. Needle & Thread (or iron-on fusing web and glue gun)
    4. Faux Leather Fringe, OR Bandana, OR Both
    5. D-rings
    6. Pins & Scissors

The thing that makes this work is the textures: the combination of black velvet against the silver rhinestones mixed with the faux leather or red bandana…it all tells a story.



Cut Out the Pieces

The collar: Cut a piece of ribbon the length of your dog’s neck plus approximately 6″.  If you aren’t sewing, you can skip the d-rings and cut the ribbon long enough to tie in the back.

The Fringe: Cut a length to fit around your dog’s neck.


The Bandana:  

    1. Fold 2 edges together, forming a triangle.
    2. Lay your ribbon across the folded bandana at a right angle to the folded edge.
    3. Cut along that line.
    4. Make 3 clips in the cut edge:  one to mark the center, one 1.5” away from the center, and one 2” away from that clip.


To Make the Fringe Collar

  1. Mark on the ribbon collar center front with a pin.
  2. Sew on the d-rings.



3.   Center the jewels on the collar and sew them on (or glue them on).



We sewed our jewels on before sewing the fringe to the collar.  We did that because sewing through the faux leather is hard.  But really it depends on the size of your jewels.  If they are as wide as the ribbon, sewing the ribbon to the trim with a sewing machine will be hard.  So decide ahead of time what works best for the items you are working with. 

4.  Pin the collar to the fringe.



5.  Stitch along the top edge of the collar to attach it to the fringe.


If you are using iron-on fuse and a glue gun, first fuse the collar to the fringe.  Then glue on the jewels.


To Make the Bandana Collar

    1. Fold one notch to the other to make the pleats (see diagram).
    2. Pin the collar to the bandana. 
    3. Sew or glue the bandana to the collar.



4. Sew or glue the jewels to the collar.



You’re done!



Really you can make a million variations to this. Just pick a ribbon, a trim/material and some decorative items that match the colors and character of your other choices.

Most of all, have fun!

Woofie & BeaR