Mid Summer Fun

Fashion moves fast. It’s the art of living. We track the movement.

I love looking at all the creativity from our Instagram friends. It deserves to be summarized and shared.  Every other Wednesday I’ll bring to you the best easy-to-follow trends to adopt and make your own. Post your ideas on #theHotList

1. The Summer Shirt

Warm breezes and salt air make this my number one choice. It comes in many forms: the t-shirt, the button front, the blouse. It’s simple, light, affordable, and best of all, it never upstages the wearer.   

@petitpennybg wearing @shopdogthreads


@thefrenchiefurbaby in white crochet lace by @wooflink


@colston_leonard_and_beckham introduced #leonard2020 with this look.

2. Statement Dressing

Imagine that, a dog with a voice. There are a bunch of them on Instagram that silently speak with power, humor and charm.  Sometimes it’s a tee shirt, sometimes a full costume, sometimes a few words on a neck piece.

Pudge of @pudgeandstanley: “A rat in a maze is free to go anywhere as long as he stays in the maze.”


@skyeandrox in a soft sweater and collar by @rock_dog_ltd
@colston_leonard_and_beckham welcome the weekend.


3. Twinning

#TwinningTuesday. It’s catching on. Dogs twin with dogs.  Dogs twin with people. Woofie once twinned with a Patty Play Pal doll. Some say it’s silly.  Humanity needs more silly.  We’re stressed, angry, stretched to the limit — in need of things that make us smile.


On Wednesdays @litttleLolaSunshine and Celeste wear matching outfits.


We love how @obiedoggie did it. Clean, simple and to the point.
Woofie & BeaR twin with each other.