Why do girls love pearls?

Pearls have been coveted and sought after by stylish women of every era…from Cleopatra to Queen Victoria, from Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel to Rihanna. We like them because they make our eyes shine and, when worn in abundance, they make us feel abundant. So here’s a lesson in stringing pearls, really beads of any kind.

Here’s what you need:

  1.  Pearls of varying sizes — We buy ours at Joanns when they have a sale.  Today they were 70% off @59 cents a strand.
  2. Bead crimping plier for 2mm-3mm crimping beads
  3. 2mm crimping beads
  4. .015″ 7-strand beading wire
  5. Chain — We like the option of different lengths and the chain gives us that option.
  6. Lobster claw fastener
  7. Novelty charm (decorative, for the end of the chain)
  8. Jewelry pliers — 2 sets

The easy way is to get thin beading elastic, thread it through a needle that the beads will fit over, and start stringing the beads to the finished length you want.  When finished, tie a knot in the elastic, and  secure it with a dab of clear nail polish.  Here we are showing you the not-so-easy way.

The Chain

Detach approximately 3″ of chain:

  1. Find where the link breaks.
  2. Clasp each side of the link with pliers and open it enough to detach the 3″ piece from the rest of the chain.
  3. Use the open loop to secure the charm on the end of the chain, closing it with the pliers the same way you opened it.

String the Pearls

  1. Measure out a length twice the length you need + approx 4″.

2. String one bead, then thread the wire through the lobster claw, then back through the bead, balancing it so it sits at dead center.

String your necklace:

  1. For a single strand, string the beads through both wires.  For a double strand, string beads through one strand. When finished, string the other.

For double strands:

  1. once both strings are the length you want, join them by threading both wires through one bead.
  2. Pull the wires tight using a set of pliers. You want at least 2″ of wire extending beyond the strung beads, to make it easier to work with.

Crimp the End:

  1. Thread the wires through the crimping bead, then through the 3″ chain link, then back through the crimping bead.
  2. Pull the wire tight with the pliers then crimp the crimping bead.
  3. Slip the ends of the wire through the first few beads then cut it short.

You’re Done!

Wear them with power.  See you next time.  And, happy crafting.