I love how autumn changes life.

Brisk winds turn a green world to yellow, then orange, then red until the trees give up and drop their leaves entirely. Sweaters come out of the closet, followed by coats, scarves and mittens. The stories we tell through fashion move inside to hearth, holiday and home.


Puffer coats are the trend to watch. We got ours last year at chewy.com , choosing a sophisticated color and paired that with a printed wool beret and scarf. Pairing the expensive with the inexpensive is a great way to make a fashion statement.

@colston_leonard_and_beckham have the layering thing down.

The colors, the plaids, the puffer vests, the knit caps…  these three cuties consistently make bold statements. Check them out. They wore sweaters at their Winter Forest Party and they posted the best “F cancer”  picture in their boobie tees.

Meet Pixel & Atti, two teensy twin chihuahuas living their best life in Toronto. ??

The thing that caught my attention was their piercing eyes and unique coloration.  Black and white dogs look great in clean bright colors.

Meet @I_am_mr_dobs .

He’s a Ukrainian Levkoy (not a sphynx) overflowing with personality and a playful sense of style. This cool cat knows he’s got more sense than any human. He also knows that, as a cat with no fur, clothing is essential to protect him from the elements. The style part comes naturally. Cats are like that.

Story of Gloria: she’s a little Brussels Griffon with a lot to say.

I love this classic rain coat: the snaps, the zipper, the striped lining. It’s something I would wear myself, and those are the styles I like to see on my dogs.  That’s because I see my dogs as adults, not babies.  There’s nothing wrong with dressing your pet as a baby/small child. It’s a choice, based on how you see your relationship with him or her.


There are no rules when it comes to pet fashion, especially for boys. The important thing is to amplify your dog’s cuteness by making choices that amplify who he is.

Meet Walter The Chi

He’s, a 4.5 lb Chi mix. His mom was rescued hours before being euthanized, with no one knowing she was pregnant with Walter! Now he holds the world in his glowing life-filled eyes. He’s got the boy fashion thing down, always adding pizzaz and never looking overdressed or boring.

5 year-old Certified Therapy Dog @alfiethepug_beat visits Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

This specially trained darling engages the children, spreading happiness and joy, helping them to momentarily forget their illnesses.  Besides his therapy work, Alfie loves mountains, mud, snacks & cuddles. He recently shared his story on morning TV.  Yup, he’s a TV star⭐️!!

Meet Elvis, of @Maisondogantiques, antique and vintage canine collectibles.

This dog oozes with style, giving life to the traditional manly shirt and vest. His page is more about antiques and collectables than dogs or fashion, but he has that same mysterious connection with the past as do the items in his human’s store.

Joey from @peewee_brigade defies traditions.

This tiny chihuahua needs clothes to protect from the elements, and he likes to wear tutus. He’s got his own distinctive style that he wears with complete confidence––the key to personal style.


I’m a huge fan of twinning, and some of the cutest twin moments with dogs and humans involve the human’s feet. I love it because that’s the dog’s sightline, so it’s a unique point of view to look from.

Meet @london.the.rescue.frenchie .

She’s a puppy mill survivor, rescued about a year ago. After a much needed a mastectomy and the pulling of a few rotten teeth, she’s now living the big life.  We love the leopard print. There’s a whole story in those boots, and London knows it.

Little Lola Sunshine finds the best shoes to twin with.

Little Lola and I became fast friends a few years ago when we met up in New York For Bridal Week. This highly skilled trick dog knows how to hit her mark.


Love is in the air with Tia, Mchi, Mila and Mio: @4yorkiesinVegas.

Everything about this photo sings: the two adorable dogs, the matching dots, the romance, the cool red shoes. There’s a harmony that makes it look so simple.

Prada of @Ivy.prada.pearly goes #matchymatchy !

Okay, this is not focused on feet, but I had to include it because it totally ROCKS!