I moved back east a year ago so I could do more fashion shows and live events.  It’s happening! 

I’ve got eight shows lined up for 2020, with two more tentative events. I want to be more than a person who sells pet clothes. I want to share my love for the courage and character of dogs. Here in America we now see them as part of family, and we cherish family members for the beauty of who they are. Since dogs can’t form words to tell us what they think and how they feel, we the humans translate what we hear from them through fashion and social media.  What I’m hearing is kindness, courage and a love of community, and I want to amplify that. 

Fashion, fun and fairytales is the story I will be telling.

I will be launching a human line of coordinating tees at these shows, taking the past forward through inspirations of hippies, mods and my feeling for anything French. The pet fashion will be matching tees, with coordinating skirts and pants.


These are the tentative show dates.

Miami is swim week, and I’m not doing swimwear, so I’m still deciding is I’m going to do that one.

Cleveland March 21
Boston April  18 (or Miami, July 18)
Detroit May 23
Atlanta July 25 
St Louis August 15
NYC September 5th 
Chicago Oct 10
Philadelphia November 24 

I hope to connect with social media dogs in each city and invite them to model in the show.  If I don’t find enough dogs through that search, I’ll reach out to local rescues.  Each show has 10 dogs in it. The requirements: The dogs need to be able to walk with a model.  And they need to be small breed dogs, between 4-28 lbs,  including pugs, Frenchies, Italian greyhounds, poms, chihuahuas, bichons, mini poodles, and everything in between…

I also plan to bring Pupscout uniforms for several of those dogs to wear in a community service project.

I want to hook up with a Girlscout troop in each town and coordinate on a badge- earning activity. It’s as much a press tour as it is a fashion show, promoting kindness, courage and community. We hope to get share all this on morning TV in each city.


Another hope and dream for each city: a DIY Demo at a crafts / fabric chain.

Because I’m more of an everyman type person than someone who only wants to create for the privileged. I started my blog, Doggie DIY, with easy how-to instructions for fashion accessories, so anyone could have cute things for their dogs. And my collection, Canine Collectables, is designed for easy mass production, delivering quality and style for a price. The mix and match pieces allow you to build a wardrobe, where you add elements to update what you already have instead of buying full completed outfits for each instagram post.

Do you live near one of these cities?

If you want your dog to model, or if you want to be a part of anything I’ve mention here, including if you know of a Girlscout trop in one of these cities of if you have as relationship with Joann’s or Michaels Craft Store, message me via text (818-613-9707) Email (Lola@lolaandpooch.com) or through instagram (@lolaandpooch) . I would love your help.