Hamlet the Piggy with the lovely Angela

On Sunday we introduced our people / matching pet line to the world at the annual Homeless to Haute Gala, a benefit for All About the Animals, a 501c3 rescue organization. It was a joy to see my work on such beautiful human and pet models.

I arrived at the Los Verdes Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA with a carload of clothing and photographic equipment. First I took in the gorgeous view, then I found the ballroom and began setting up. We planned to get lots of pet and human model pictures during the down time. It turned out there was no downtime.

As soon as the clothes were on the racks, the models arrived and fittings began. We had a wide range of models, the shortest clocked in at 4’10”, the tallest at 6’3″, so there were some fit issues, but we worked it out. The thing about doing a show, any show, is that no matter how organized you are, little things go wrong, so you need to be a problem solver.

Hair and makeup arrived to work their magic. Meanwhile in the backstage area, a group of young volunteers organized the model stations. Next came the rehearsal, but it wasn’t a dress rehearsal, so the dressers needed coaching.

Suddenly waiters were backstage with trays of champagne and hors d’oeuvres. I found my way out to the cocktail party on the terrace to check out the scene. Women in beautiful gowns and men dressed to the nines mingled about. What a different energy than backstage, where chaos and order did their electrifying dance! The models played with the dogs, Everyone posed with the piggies. The kitty soaked up lots of love.  Little problems, like a bossy woman and struggles with how to carry or walk your animal added to the chaotic joy. Then the lights dimmed, the intro began, and we were on.

After the show came a three course dinner and abundant conversation. Then we packed everything up and went home.  The next day my body ached, but my brain buzzed with ideas as I began creating on what comes next.

I posted a portfolio of shots from the runway taken by photographer David Valdez on our Events page. Below are backstage shots.

Reggie and Danielle
Ava and Iwona, with her dog, Toby.
Becky with Hamlet the Piggy.
The lovely JoJo.
Backstage lineup
Ava and Becky.
Lola and Ava.
Jennifer, taking a moment to relax.
Ava, Hamlet the Piggy and Emmy.
Ivy with JoJo, catching up on things.
Coco Puffz
Angela meets Hammy
Emmy and Sunglasscat
Jennifer with Kiki and Iwona with Toby


Becky, Emma and Ivy
Danielle and Ivy, hanging out.
Emma with Fiona and Ivy with JoJo
Kimono with Coco Puffz
Emmy with Lillybelle