My dogs don’t like clothes.  But they love the attention they get when in front of a camera or a crowd.   And they hate when one dog gets the limelight and the other is naked. How do I know that? Because they photobomb the other’s shoot, persisting until they get an outfit of their own.

BeAR, photobombing Woofie’s fashion shoot.

They crack me up. My dogs have distinct personalities, and I love experiencing every nuance. They have feelings that cause them to act and react. It’s what makes them so much fun to be around.

But what I’m really here to talk about is the show I’m doing in just three weeks!

The Homeless to Haute Gala, a benefit for all about the Animals, a 501c3 rescue.

I’m been working my nimble fingers to the bone creating a playful, sometimes silly, sometimes enchanting, always charming line of people with matching pet designs, and the plan is to take it on the road.  More on that later. On October 15th we will be presenting 48 designs — 24 human and 24 pet. Laura Jones, the producer of the event has found the most stunning human models and an enchanting event space. If you’re in the area, please come!  For more information, here is the site: Homeless to Haute Gala


A selection from our Hers & Furs collection.

My pupscout troop will be modeling the doggie designs, and we have expanded the troop in an unexpected direction.

We welcome 2 celebrity piggies to the fold, Hamlet the Piggy and Porkchop, and on celebrity cat, Sunglasscat.

Hamlet the Piggy, Sunglasscat, Porkchop.