This weekend I experienced a life changing event.

I went to a mastermind seminar, presented by my beloved mentor,  Linda Hollander.   I connected with an entire world of focused heart, soul and intelligence, all condensed into the intent of 15 powerhouse individuals. I will engage with, help and inspire these new friends for the rest of my life.

I met Linda six months ago. I needed help. For the past five years I’d been working hard and not moving forward at what I saw as as an appropriate pace. I knew I had the art part down. I needed business education / guidance. I started googling. It led a free sponsor strategy session. Linda offered what I saw as a very workable strategy. I went all in.

I wanted to monetize my expertise in fashion (designer for Nipon & Dior) and entertainment (pro writer, 10+ years) with my love for dogs and giving back.

I knew the way to do that was 1. to create fun and engaging Entertainment and media properties, 2. to involve those properties in live events, and 3. to connect with power terminals who would give those interrelated multimedia experiences mass exposure.  All three steps are now complete. Well, #3 isn’t fully complete, but it is set in motion and soon to bring magic to my life and to the world. I’m psyched.

We create pop culture pet parodies.

We are Lola & Pooch, an entertainment, media & events company, created by writer / artist Lola Teigland. Our pet parodies celebrate human fun and foibles, while promoting our sponsors and the causes we love. Lola’s storytelling skills (pro writer 10+ years) and her fashion expertise (designer, Albert Nipon, Christian Dior) drives the fun.

We have created an engaging year:

Our pet meme campaigns, WHO WORE IT BEST & FASHION DO’S AND DON’T’S poke fun at the joy and silliness of fashion, while DOG WISDOM brings comfort and joy.

TV DOGS inspires water-cooler conversation as it celebrates popular television events.

We have partnered with THE DOG FILM FESTIVAL, where we will be presenting our PEOPLE MATCHING PET FASHION SHOW at pooch parties across the country.

At the LA pooch party we will crown the winner of our reality show web series, AMERICA’S BEST TOP (DOG) MODEL.

And we will air the premiere of our reality web series, PROJECT (DOG) GREENLIGHT, a behind-the-scenes view of the filming of our short film, THE MUTTCRACKER.

Our PETSCOUT TROOP, a group of social media pet influencers will bring joy as they partner with THE HAPPINESS PROJECT on a world-wide KINDNESS CAMPAIGN.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Never move forward without giving back.

OUR MISSION: We bring joy.

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