It’s a new world, and it’s run by influencers! For the past fifty or so years, the boomers have run the world, simply because they were the majority generation. They have now lost that majority status. The millennials have taken the reigns.  I’m psyched.

This generation was weened on computers. Their parents raised them with principles of negotiation instead of control and time outs instead of spankings.  Add to that the technical advances that put television in the palm of your hand (Oh how my father would have loved that…) and you have the perfect ingredients for a new and better world.

That’s an arguable fact. Generally people don’t like change, and the world is in a state right now. So I understand if some (possibly most) don’t agree. What I like and see as becoming a growing trend, is that this generation is creating new ways of doing things that take power away from corporate America and hands it back to the people. Corporate America sees this, and they are changing how they do business. They are changing how they advertise, and how they relate to their consumers. Social causes are winning and media influencers, both pet and person, are in control.

Where power goes, business follows.

The power of social media has created hundreds of businesses whose sole purpose is to game the system. For a small sum you can actually buy 10,000 followers! I’ve seen people do that, and then pretend to be an influencer.  And I’ve seen businesses fall for it!  The selling of followers and likes has taken the authenticity out of who rises to the top in the influencer world, and changing algorithms on Facebook and Instagram has made it difficult to rise in a natural way as it moves away from authentic popularity to favor paid advertising.

America’s Best Top PET Model is my way of giving darling dynamic pet personalities a broader audience.

The influencer is the way of the future. I want to ensure that true talent rises. So I’ve created this vehicle to do that.  And I want it to be the best it can be, so I’m sharing my expertise with you.

This first video introduces who we are and what we are doing:


This second video talks about telling your pet’s story through pictures.

The last video will talk about what makes a great photo and how to employ those techniques. But here I want to really delve into the story of your dog.

You’re basically taking your dog’s personality and amplifying it in human terms. Through this, you are finding your dog’s voice so you can speak for him or her.  As  writers, it’s our job to plant clues of the characters in both the black and the white lines of the page.  A writer is creating an entire world filled with people, all relating differently to the situations the author makes up and to each other, and all of that needs to be orchestrated in such a way that the story being told has meaning and relevance while of course remaining thoroughly entertaining. It’s a complicated task, and often we use templates to ensure me get that orchestration right.

I made a template for you, filled with questions to ask yourself; questions that should help you narrow down the essence of your pet’s authentic self.

Feel free to post any questions you might have regarding the process, or to workshop your ideas here. We want to set you up for success. The pet influencers who are succeeding are doing this, even if they don’t know they are doing it.