Which is better?  An East Coast winter, or California year-round warmth?

I find no easy answer.  An east coast Christmas is the best.  But, I hate these coldest months that follow — yet I absolutely love the other ten months.  The visual color pallet change each season just knocks me out.  California’s lack of change can make time slip away if you weren’t paying attention. But temperature doesn’t cripple you in the winter, and the gardens are glorious all year long.   i think the best answer is, you deal with what you got.

So I’ve been holed up inside writing a screenplay and designing a very stylish spring line — which will make its official presence when I return from my southern trip.  I’ve been enjoying being near my mom in what is her final days.  And I’m so excited about all the trips I have planned.  I’m heading off, In search of water — oceans, lakes, rivers, hot springs, water falls, beaches, forests — so many sounds and smells… and of course the people I meet along the way. I love making videos so I will document all the memories.


I leave in March for Tennessee, New Orleans, Arkansas and Mississipi, ending at a fashion show in Virginia.

Then in May — Cape Hatteras and Assateaque.

June and July I want to meet up with doggie friends at local  beaches and Lakes.

And in August, I head up to NIAGARA FALLS and 1000 ISLANDS!! It would be nice to drive to Maine from there. So much depends on my mom’s health. But the 2 weeks in the spring and two 5 day weekends are set in stone.

Next winter I hope to head south to Florida, the keys, Georgia and south Carolina.

My life after COVID is a completely different animal than before COVID. The tiny living home-is-where-you-park-it life was a dream that I didn’t believe I’d ever have but vehemently hoped and wished for. On a trip to Atlanta in 2019, when leaving my motel, I say a promaster passenger van with its high roof and I got the idea that this could be an option for my tiny home.  So when, during covid, I came across vanlife, I was ecstatic, and ready to  build my dream.  The plan was to take it to all the people/pet fashion shows I had booked, but after COVID, those were gone.  So now I’m building all future plans around combining Vanlife, storytelling and doglife.