Many of you know about the Poochmobile and the new direction my life has taken, but here’s a quick synopsis for those who don’t.

In 2019 I moved back east with the plan to do more people / matching pet fashion shows. I spend the year organizing eight people matching pet fashion shows in eight different cities for 2020, the designing the collection for those shows.  COVID hit.  I converted a 2021 Ram Promaster van into a tiny house, figuring it would be a great addition to my traveling shows plan. I assumed the shows would be postponed, but they got cancelled.  I was devastated, but I’ve fallen in love with the experience of parking in paradise and sharing those experience on youtube.  So I guess things happen for a reason.

My most recent trip was a return to Assateague Island National Seashore.

It’s my favorite place in the universe, three hundred degrees of white sand, an ocean breeze and wild horses roaming free.  I’m going back in October for a few days, and I’m applying to be a camp host next year, where I stay for a whole month. That will be so cool.  I’ll take my electric keyboard and get used to playing piano again.

I have several trips to Pennsylvania lakes scheduled in June and July, then a big trip in August to Niagara Falls, Thousand Islands, Vermont and Maine. The van has been more of a writing office and adventure mobile than a vehicle involved in pet fashion events, although I will be doing a fashion show October 28th for Yorkie 911.

And I hole to schedule a few camping overnights with some Instagram dog friends at lakes in PA and NJ.

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