I’m a computer graphics geek, and I love to use dogs to parody human life.  Now I’m making a living at it.

We live in a new world where old ways aren’t working and new ways are finding their place. Nowhere is that more evident than in how we consume our news and entertainment. Television is out. Streaming devices and social media are in. These forms are authentic, uncensored and spontaneous, where choices are controlled by the viewer and not be a team of analysts or overpaid execs.

A year ago I decided to take the skills that I have spent a lifetime developing and build them into a business relevant to this new world. Lola & Pooch was born.

Our media and events that we will bring you in 2017 take this dog humanizing to the nth degree. It begins with TV Dogs.

TV Dogs is a one minute web series featuring Woofie & BeaR as they watched popular television events like the political debates, The Bachelorette finale, and the olympics.

Next came Dog Wisdom.

With the world in its present state of polarity, I wanted to bring some joy to my followers,and what better way that through pet memes! We post cute pictures with statements of truth as Woofie & BeaR see it. We post these weekly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Next we added Who Wore it Best...

This began as Dressing With the Kardogians, but there wasn’t enough recognizable content to continue with that effort. It turned into Who Wore it Best. I make copies of iconic fashion and post it with the outfit the celebrity wore.


We decided to take the humanizing into live events.

This is where my brain really took off. We have 2 webseries premiering in the next few months. The first is a parody of America’s next top Model.


Later in the year we will air our parody of Project Greenlight, as we film the filming of a short film we are producing.

It’s a charming film where a dog finds a way to brighten her person’s life when she falls on hard times. I’ve written it for a very talented young actress / dancer. More news later when she is confirmed. We have a fabulous director locked in.  I will also act in it.

Who knows what will come next. If there is one thing I have learned in my artistic career, behind every great idea lurks an even better idea. all you have to do is give it the space to find you.


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