I love the premise of this book: If people lived more like dogs, with their honesty, forgiveness and unconditional love, they would lead richer lives.

My plan was to let the dogs tell their stories and, through that, touch the heart of man. I hope this book engages and connects people to people, where they join together to do fun things, make crafts and help to build a better world.

Each dog shares a dog truth before each badge: simple words of wisdom to live by. It’s what they learned from the hardships they have witnessed or endured. Annabella tells us that, when all else fails, think Disney. Mia wants us all to have a wardrobe of crowns. Woofie and BeaR, after watching me get bullied say, be kind. And Eddie, a senior rescue who finally found his forever home, says honor my life by saving another. There are thirty-five dog truths; simple words to live by.

I’m an artist who came into this world with big dreams. I’m still working towards that cause. I believe that technology is reducing the human side of man. We don’t physically connect with each other anymore, and that spawns a lonely, frigid, mean society. So much happens online, and that’s a great thing. It builds possibility and broad exposure to so many things. But we have to counter that with an outlet where we share our lives, face to face, with other people, uniting to do fun and good things.

It’s like, prior to the industrial revolution, no one needed a gym. Progress took physical activity away from us and gyms sprouted up all over. The communication age is robbing us of feeling, compassion and empathy. Meet-up groups, especially with our dogs, are a great way to counter that.

I hope, when you read this book, you will get a warm feeling. You will feel your grace, hug your dog, gather some friends and start a troop. Together, we can be the change. With the power of dog, we can build a better world.

You can get the book on Amazon.com! 

I chose black and white for all of the images. It cut the book’s cost by 50%, and I love the way it looks.

Woofie and BeaR, with dog truth #1: help ever, hurt never, borrowed from my days working at House of Blues.

We put pictures of each dog in the book, in uniform. This is Baby Lola.

And a picture of each dog involved in a badge. Mabel, Mia and JoJo, in their crowns.

We shared activities each dog is involved in.  Lucy & Holly (and their Mom, Kathi Welch) write an article for Atlanta Pet Life Magazine!

Several of our dogs live outside of Los Angeles.  Dixie Belle shares the love from St. Louis.

A lot of the pictures are art shots from my Dog Wisdom and Dog Art series.