The calendar states that claim, not the blanket of white coddling mother earth. Today we sprung forward. Spring is on the way. Nothing will stop it. Weather will move on. Fashion leads the way.

As a kid, there were two yearly activities that required a very special fashion moment. The first day of school demanded a fresh new outlook to start the year off right.  Easter brought with it with flowers and lace and the hopeful breath that warmth would soon return. To this day I see these two points in time as an inspiration to begin fresh.

My inspiration this spring is the softness of feathers and delicate vibrance of flowers. I headed downtown to see what fabrics lit up my eyes. It’s the borcades that did it, and, as always, lace. 

My first find was this mint, pink and gold floral brocade.

This fabric had all the regal elegance that comes with brocade, but it was light, almost airy––the perfect cloth for pet fashion. I chose a petal skirt to keep this as light as possible, with Swarovski crystal rhinestone buttons set in gold, and a bodice with corset seaming.


Next I came across this lovely lace with a coordinating sequin fabric. Immediately I thought, great! A chance to employ an off the shoulder look with an illusion neckline.

The sequins glisten with color––all the colors contained in the lace! I love to cut the jewelled sections out of this kind of lace and stitch them in concentration, creating another version of the fabric.  Here I set that in the back panel. The shoulder flowers are a combination of jewels and lace. Each petal is lined in Organza, keeping the whole look light and airy.


I found a lovely lavender brocade, which sent me on a lavender hunt, where I found this trim, some silk flowers and rhinestone jewels.

I’m holding off on using the brocade because it might be for a special order.  The dress is soft and airy, just like the feeling of new life.  I love the seaming, and the key-hole back. The skirt is full, with this lovely trim along the hem. Swarovski crystal buttons add to the sparkle.



Maribou Fether Chubbies with Jewelled Collars.

These feathers come in so many colors.I especially love the light pink.

April showers bring may flowers, so springtime needs a classic trench.


Green came next. I was ecstatic to find more of a fabric I thought I ad bought the last yard of.

On top of that I found a matching lace to go with the sparkle tulle!






Time again to make a dog carrier.

I love mixing fabrics. Here we have silk velvet, denim and railroad cloth.



And of course matching dresses…