Yup. We bring joy. That’s pretty much been my business’ motto / mission statement / driving force since the day the doors opened.

The Poochmobile will be another way to expand on that. So of course I had to literally build the word JOY into the van.  It shipped today and I’ll install it next week. I still have to finish the kitchen and bathroom, but the bed area is getting there.

Between the rain and the heat, my progress is slow.

These pictures show a lot of progress and it really feels great to be in the van working when it’s this homey. But the amount of work remaining is massive, and it’s mostly finish work, which takes precision and time.


BeaR likes to hang out with me, so I installed a doggie door!


And I started thinking about the doors.

Both the back doors and the cargo door have windows. The question for me: how should I frame them?  Originally I had shutters, but they won’t work at all for a million reasons. So I have a lovely lace and I’m making curtains. Ic hope to build thin shelves above the framing for some fake greenery.


I finished the storage shelving!

I love how it turned out.  I need to fill up the containers and take it on a bumpy ride to see how things rattle.


Each night I decide what I will do the next day.

I started out planning by the month, but the weather made it impossible to meet those targets.  Here is what’s left:

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