I’ve still got a few small details to go, but it’s time to put my head back in my business and into the next phase for of the Poochmobile’s life.  But first––some pictures!

I’m writing this from the van.  Even here, parked in my driveway …feeling a soft breeze, hearing sounds of nature… peaceful tranquility abounds.

And boy do I need peaceful tranquility. For four months I’ve been at this hardscore––minus a ton of rain days. And by hardcore, I mean my muscles perpetually ached while my brain never rested. Even my dreams involved solutions to construction issues, torment of potential plumbing leaks and a lot of trauma around a malfunctioning inverter. This made it impossible for me to focus on anything else. So everything else suffered.

But it’s done!

I want to connect with lots of dogs and their people. I want to meet their friends, and have them show me around their towns. I want to host tiny house dinner parties. I want people to feel  connections––to others, to nature, to simplicity, to kindness, honesty truth… The only good thing COVID brought us was a moment to disconnect from the rat-race. This was my covid project, my means of disconnection.  I want to share all that has taught me with others.

From the cargo door…

JOY! It begins there. I’ll take you on a tour.

Behind the barn door is a wetbath.  When I travel to fashion shows, it doubles as a closet.

The kitchen comes next.  My big splurge was the 12v fridge: $800!  I’m thrilled I went that way, because it uses very little power, which means I’m completely powered by the sun, and, with a remote compressor, it’s only 15″ deep, which allowed for an 18″ deep kitchen counter.  My main goal was a cozy spacious feeling, and the best way to get that is to reduce proportions everywhere.

I learned so much doing this. Youtube taught me about setting up a solar powered electrical system, it showed me a bunch of carpentry tricks, How to use the tools, and how to set up the plumbing. The rest I learned through my mistakes. When you make a sample dress, there’s a lot of ripping out, recutting, resewing. Same with a sample van.

We Bring Joy…

That’s my mission statement. That’s what dogs do. I aim to amplify it.  So I put in on the wall.

What’s next?

A few weeks of planning comes next. I had to send my inverter back because it was defective.  An inverter converts DC power from the  battery into AC power. Your cigarette light in your car is DC power. The electrical outlet in your home is AC.  I found powerful chargers for my phone and computer that work in a cigarette lighter socket. My lights, fridge and water pump are powered by DC.  But hot water and cooking need AC power.  So until the inverter is returned, I will be planning the Poochmobile’s future from my driveway.

I used to have a Pupscout troop.  I’m thinking I’d like to organize something like that only virtually, where I travel to areas where a few member dogs live. I’ll get to meet them in person as they show me around their town,  and I’ll plan some sort of fun event, ending the day (weekend?) with a tiny house dinner party. All that is a big idea that deserves a separate post, and a lot more thought! So stay tuned…